June 01, 2015 by MBA@UNC Staff

Modern day workers spend more time in the office, but if they’re not working smarter, they aren’t doing much for their employers. This might sound like a simple insight, but companies that understand what drives productivity get the most out of their talent and, as a result, produce better products, offer greater service and, ultimately, generate higher revenue.

One of the most striking factors influencing how we work is the color temperature of the light source we’re exposed to on a regular basis.

“Light has an enormous effect on our physical and mental well-being,” said Stanley Felderman of Felderman Keatinge & Associates, a design studio he runs with Nancy Keatinge. The husband-wife duo believes that it’s in our DNA to perform better under specific lighting, and that’s why we react differently depending on our light environment.

To learn more about how color temperature impacts the productivity of your workers, read the entire article from the University of North Carolina here.