(Chicago) Sustainable Lighting Solutions recently presented CP&R Auto Repair for its environmental stewardship award, after the company replaced its dated lighting with an energy saving solution.

CP&R Auto, 6358 W Grand Ave, Chicago is forecasted to save more than 34,100 kWh annually, an amount equivalent to more than $3,500 in utility costs.

“CP&R is one of many small businesses that we are fortunate to work with that are taking steps every day to lower their electricity consumption,” says Sustainable Lighting Solutions President Michael Sweitzer. “Every change is significant, but for CP&R replacing the existing fluorescent and halogen fixtures will make a significant dent in its utility savings.”

CP&R Auto Repair’s annual environmental impact from its switch to energy efficient lighting means:

  • 7 fewer tons of carbon dioxide emitted
  • 26 more acres of trees planted
  • 2,815 fewer gallons of gas consumed

CP&R Auto Repair’s environmentally significant changes will also prevent the discharge of additional harmful elements into the atmosphere.

“I am proud that our new lighting will have such an impact beyond the aesthetic improvements and electricity savings,” says CP&R owner Patrick Cadet. He opened the then vacant repair shop two years ago. He previously made improvements toward more energy efficient air compressors, and the new lighting was the next step in adopting more energy saving solutions for the shop.

“It’s really a dramatic change,” says Cadet. “I like that these changes show our customers that we are investing in the business with green technologies.”

The new modern, clean, bright, white, and energy-efficient has CP&R’s mechanics joking that they need to keep wear their sunglasses because the shop is so well lit. CP&R operates five days a week, on average 10-12 hours a day. Sustainable Lighting Solutions replaced an array of T12’s in the office, waiting room, and throughout the shop, as well as energy-saving occupancy sensors and exhaust fans. Sustainable Lighting Solutions also replaced exterior halogens with programmable LED flood lights.

Sustainable Lighting Solutions helped CP&R

  • Replace interior fluorescents and exterior halogens with energy efficient fixtures
  • Secure more than $6,000 in project incentives
  • Forecast $3,500 in annual electricity savings
  • Cover more than 70% of the project with incentives

More than 70% of the project was covered with incentives through ComEd. CP&R will recoup its investment in a matter of months. Beyond the capital expense, Cadet said one of the greatest challenges in moving forward with the project was understanding how much of a difference the lighting will make. Cadet appreciated that Sustainable Lighting Solutions installed a sample fixture so he could see the difference before he signed on to the project.