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ECO Induction solution saves Experian $42k annually

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Faced with ever-diminishing light levels and skyrocketing maintenance costs, Experian looked to Sustainable Lighting Solutions to offer a state-of-the-art solution for its lighting needs. The existing 175 watt metal halide lamps were depreciating so quickly that relamping was required every two years. Experian looked at a number of lighting technologies that are popular today.

Competing Options

Fluorescent was considered too costly to install and required high maintenance due to its short lamp life. Cold Chicago-area temperatures threatened winter lighting levels, and a linear lighting pattern would not be sufficient to hold even foot-candles on a one-to-one replacement without adding significantly more fixtures.

Compact fluorescents were considered residential in application and would not supply the necessary light output for a commercial application. Offering a high-maintenance option with a short lamp life and non-UL certification solution was not to their benefit.
LED was problematic because of the high cost and glare issues of quality fixtures mounted at the low heights of a parking garage. This combination of height and glare did not offer a safe and cost effective solution. Low-cost LED fixtures did not perform well and quality was far from acceptable.

Induction Solution

Sustainable Lighting Solutions offered ECO Quad Induction fixtures on a one-to-one replacement. After a year-long demonstration of the technologies, Experian felt that the Induction solution met all of their needs: energy reduction, maintenance reduction, improved lighting levels, improved color, and safety.

Sustainable Lighting Solutions and Experian selected ECO Quad for a number of reasons. The product uses the Sylvania lcetron induction technology with its proven 100,000-hour lamp life and a comprehensive five-year parts and labor warranty fully supported by Sylvania Lighting Services. The installation of the 254 fixtures took just 15 minutes per fixture!

The project qualified for an attractive EPACT2005 tax deduction and enjoyed a rebate from ComEd, which Sustainable Lighting Solutions managed for Experian.

“My guys couldn’t believe it. It took about 15 minutes per fixture to replace. We just re-used the J­ Box, attached the new pendants and just like that, we were on to the next one,” says Sustainable Lighting Solutions. “There is no question in their mind that they chose the right solution. The ECO Parking Lights product is by far the best designed Induction lighting fixture on the market today. It is the easiest to install, great price and with Sylvania providing the warranty service, it’s a no­ brainer.”

About Experian

Experian is a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services and a constituent of the United Kingdom’s FTSE 100 index, with revenues in excess of $4 billion. They support clients in more than 65 countries and employ more than 15,500 people in 38 countries. They are one of the three credit reporting agencies whose reports are calculated for an individual’s FICO score.

Experian at a Glance

  • Annual energy savings $42,142
  • 10 year cost savings nearly $400k
  • 59% reduction in annual energy consumption
Looks GREAT! I can’t thank you enough! We’ve received lots of compliments from the staff.
Terry Melvin, Experian

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